Tuesday, May 22, 2007

GCSE - English Literature

Having seen this blog entry I have decided to mention my English Literature GCSE too - my first GCSE exam. It wasn't too bad. We studied To Kill a Mockingbird, An Inspector Calls and of course there was the Unseen Poem: Shopkeeper. I did fine on the first three questions, then fell down on the last two. Next exam is Jun 04 - Geography (Foundation).

After the exam, we had the twenty minutes left of what would have been Maths to take a break before going to Graphics. No thanks. Me and two mates (Matty - website, bebo and Jonny - deviantART, bebo) went and sat on the hill in the middle of town, eating chips for an hour, drinking God only knows how much Coke and Haribo sweets. We had to return to face Physics, but never mind...

I hope everyone else who was stuck in a two and a half hour English Literature exam didn't die of boredom, or fail miserably.

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Anonymous Latika said...

Thanks for writing this.

6:44 am  

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